Why Me?

The very nature of Life is expansion and unfolding. As spiritual beings, we have a need to unfold and give way to our own Divine Nature and our greater yet to be.

In Reality, no matter what is happening in our lives, there is always a bigger picture happening; everything is supporting us in discovering and uncovering our untapped spiritual magnificence. When we lean into this, we can see that everything in our lives is taking us to a greater experience of Self and Life. We are then empowered to use the circumstances of our lives for our personal and spiritual expansion, evolution and unfolding.


Today I remember that I am here to unfold my
Divine Nature, the God within me, and Who I Am as a spiritual being.
I release any sense of victimhood, and open myself to the greater good that is
unfolding through me now.
I have all that I need.

And so it is.