What Do You Know?

We all have a need to feel like we are standing on solid footing, to understand what is happening around us, and to be grounded in certainty. In that, we feel safe.

When we don’t know all the details, we often make assumptions, and sometimes fear the worst. But when we make assumptions, we create unnecessary stress, angst and drama in our lives… the opposite of the peace we desire.


  1. Shelley Reeve says:

    I will play the meditation every day this week .. and probably beyond.

  2. Joy Janes says:

    Wow. Just wow. Your virtual Sunday message and meditations were so deeply moving for me. Thank you. And guess what…you don’t need to have video. Audio alone is great! Much, much love…Joy

  3. Sharyn Baker says:

    I guess we waited too long to listen to your talk today. We’ll check back in later today. ❤?

  4. Yvonne says:

    Thank you Rev. Jennifer and everyone who helped with bringing this message to us.

  5. Larry Cosgrove says:

    Thank you Rev. Jennifer for your words of encouragement this morning. If everyone keeps the faith and uses common sense we should get through this challenge without any lasting scars.