Unfurl the Sails

The very nature of Life is expansion and unfolding. As spiritual beings, we have a need to unfold and give way to our greater yet to be.

One of the ways we do this is by bringing our dreams and desires into fruition. Our heart-felt desires are the means by which we unfold our greater selves and the way God unfolds through us in a greater way.

Join us Sunday for a talk titled Unfurl the Sails, the fabulous music of Margaret Owens and some new ideas and inspiration about how to live a life of deep fulfillment. I look forward to spending my morning with you and seeing you there

In love,
Rev. Jennifer


My deepest heartfelt desires are the way I unfold my greatest
Self and the way the Infinite unfolds through me.

Every step I take serves my highest good.

I listen to these soul longings and they lead me into a life of
deep fulfillment and soul satisfaction.

And so it is.