The Rhythm of Life

The very nature of Life is abundance and opulence; It pours forth in all places, at all times. When we give, we step into the Law of circulation, opening ourselves to that flow of Boundless Good. As a result, we increase the flow in our lives and raise our levels of well-being.

Yet, sometimes, we get into fear and think we must get before we can give, or we give out of obligation and “shoulds”. Our fear and resentment impede the flow of Good to us. But in our open-hearted giving, we open the floodgates so that we may receive more.

In contrast, when we consciously give from our spirit, from our love and passion, we place ourselves in the flow of boundless good, and open a way for the good of the Universe to flow into our lives.


Today I give from my heart and from the fullness of Life.
I give my energy to what I believe in and to what I want to increase in the world.
I give the thing that I want to amplify in my life.
In turn, as I give, I increase the flow of Good to me.
I am prosperous.
And so it is.