The Olympic Spirit

One of our greatest desires is to continually create the life of our dreams and to actualize our potential. As spiritual beings, this is what we are here to do.

As we watch the Olympics, we are inspired because they bring us hope, remind us that anything is possible and re-awaken the urge within us to unfold our greatest yet to be.

Join us Sunday for the wonderful music of Harold Payne, a talk titled, “The Olympic Spirit” and some new ideas and inspiration to support you in living a life of freedom and being more of who you have come here to be. I look forward to sharing my Sunday with you and seeing you there.

In love,
Rev. Jennifer Spear


Today I embrace my desires as the road-map to the fullest expression of my Boundless Potential.
I move toward my dreams and heart-felt longings
and I unfold my greater yet to be.
I am the instrument through which Life flows.
And so it is.