The Joy Factor

As human beings we all want to feel happy and to live in joy. However, there are times when that is not our experience. Sometimes it is because of what is happening in our lives, but more often it is because of our focus and attitude. In Reality, joy in inherent to our being.

Having an attitude of gratitude and sufficiency shifts our focus and our experience of life. A grateful heart is witness to the boundless good that is already at hand and more good that is simply awaiting our acceptance of it. Being in a state of gratitude lifts depression, reduces stress and anxiety and draws us out of doubt and feelings of not enough. Consequently our gratitude and joy draw to us more of the good that we desire.


Today I choose gratitude and sufficiency.
I recognize and revel in the abundance of good in my life. I feel grateful.
I am grateful. I live in joy.

And so it is.