Reducing the Size of Your But

Are there things that you would like to do in your life, but always find an excuse about why you can’t? Oftentimes, we perceive ourselves to be limited human beings, separate and apart from the Infinite nature of the One Invisible Presence. We see our lives as being outside of the life of God. As a result, we experience ourselves as limited.

In Reality, we are expressions of the Infinite One, endowed with all the qualities of Spirit. Our lives are the out-picturing of the Infinite. Stepping beyond our limited ideas about who we are, into knowing our oneness with the Infinite, allows us to live a life of freedom, and joy and deep fulfillment.


Today I change my “Yes, but” to a “Yes, and”.
The One Invisible Presence supports me in living my greatest life and in experiencing my true nature.
My heart-felt desires lead me into my most fulfilling life.

And so it is.