Mistaken Identity

We all have a deep need to experience our wholeness, our worthiness and our spiritual essence. Yet oftentimes our self-perception is less than accurate. We see our shortcomings, instead of our spiritual magnificence ad the untapped potential within us. We forget that in Reality we are an out-picturing of the wholeness of Spirit.

Because we are emanations of That which is infinite and the very essence of wholeness, we are whole all of the time. Being anchored in our Wholeness creates a foundation for peace and well-being. From here we have the power to created change in in our lives and in the world.

Meditation only “Identify with the I am presence” Click here.


Today I create a life of joy by practicing
self-kindness, recognizing our common
humanity, practicing mindfulness and doing
regular spiritual practice.

I am the wholeness,
beauty and goodness of Spirit in form.
And so it is.