It Came Upon a Midnight Clear

As the Christmas season is upon us, we have the opportunity to participate in many festivities and enjoy ourselves immensely. At the same time, we can feel so busy that we don’t’ take the time to experience the Sacred within us and the sacredness of this most holy season—a season where the Christ Light is born within us and all around us.

Join us Sunday for the beautiful music of Faith River, a talk titled It Came Upon a Midnight Clear and a new look at creating a peace filled, joy filled, deeply satisfying holiday season. I look forward to sharing my Sunday with you and seeing you there.

In love,
Rev. Jennifer Spear



I take time during this holiday season to be quiet, still and reflect on the Beauty, Love, magic and Peace within and around me. I enter the manger of my own being and discover the Sacred that is everywhere present.

The Christ in me is alive and awake.

And so it is.