“Home is Where the Heart is”

We all contain within us the qualities and characteristics of the archetypal mother; love, care, kindness, wisdom and generosity. As we bring these qualities forward for ourselves and others we create a space for healing and thriving.

And this can sometimes be one of our greatest challenges. Yet, we always have within us a boundless wellspring of Love that is always available and ready to be come forth.

In honor of Mother’s Day, my talk is this week is titled Home is Where the Heart is. Join us Sunday for some new ideas and inspiration to support you in living a life of thriving. I look forward to sharing my Sunday with you and seeing you there.

In love,
Rev. Jennifer


Today I call forth the Archetypal Mother from within me.
Here I find love, care, gentleness, generosity and kindness.
I treat myself with a soft and open heart and I create fertile grounds for my growth and thriving.
I act as a beneficial presence toward myself and others.

And so it is.