Higher Ground

We all have many different needs that motivate us to do the things we do. We have ego needs; the need for certainty and uncertainty and the need to be significant. We have spiritual needs; the need to love and be connected to others, to grow and to contribute. When we are aware of the particular need that is motivating us, that awareness enables us to make a higher choice, one that serves us and the whole.

In Reality, no matter what is happening, there is always a bigger picture, we are evolving beings, and everything in our lives is for us. Join us Sunday for a talk titled, Higher Ground and the rockin’ music of Tina Carson. I look forward to sharing my Sunday with you and seeing you there.

In love,
Rev. Jennifer


I pay attention to the needs that prompt my actions.

Today I choose to be motivated by love and connection,
by my ne3ed to grow and contribute.

From my higher choices, I live in alignment with my
Spirit and participate in creating a glorious world.

And so it is.