Forgiveness “70 x 7”

Holding ourselves or others in non-forgiveness cuts us off from our own inner peace and well-being and disconnects us from feeling the Love of God in our lives. It keeps us in victim mentality; stuck in our story and in a prison of our own making. Forgiving ourselves and others takes us to a realm of freedom and creativity, whereby we experience greater health, have more energy, and live a life in open hearted love.

Join us Sunday for the lovely music of Karie Hillery, a talk titled, 70 x 7 and some new inspiration and insight into living a life of freedom and release. I look forward to spending my Sunday with you and seeing you there.

In love,
Rev. Jennifer Spear


Today I let go of condemnation,

resentment and non-forgiveness.

I release my expectations about the past and

embrace the gifts contained within all my experiences.

I forgive myself and others, and I am free.

And so it is.