Fearless Living

We all have the need to feel safe, to know that all is well in our lives and that our good is assured. We want to live in peace and ease and have a sense of wellbeing. Yet, when the world is going crazy all around us, we get knocked off center, feel less than peaceful and even become afraid.

Ernest Holmes says, “Infinity expresses in a limited way because we believe in duality.” It is out of our belief that we are separate and apart from the Infinite One, or that our lives are somehow outside of the life of God, that we experience fear and uneasiness, lack of trust and faith.


I take time daily to disconnect from the world and connect with the Divine Source of all good.
I listen to the Love-Intelligence within and counteract the voice of fear.
I am led and guided, safe and secure,
for God is bigger than any seeming difficulty.
And so it is.