Ease on Down the Road

The very nature of Life is expansion and unfolding. As spiritual beings, we have a need to unfold and give way to our Greatest Self and our greater yet to be. In Reality, no matter what is happening in our lives there is always a bigger picture happening, we are evolving beings, and everything in our lives is for us.

When we lean into this, we then know that everything in our lives is taking us to a greater experience of Self and Life. We are then empowered to use the circumstances of our lives for our personal and spiritual expansion, evolution and unfolding.

In love,
Rev. Jennifer


I remember that God is always for me;
Life is always for me.
I use the circumstances in my life for my own Self-discovery and giving way to my own greater yet to be.
I let go of the difficulty and open to my unfolding good.
And so it is.