Caught in the Weeds?

With the election upon us and all the rhetoric of the media, it is easy to get caught up in the craziness, confusion and fear.

The voice of our ego tells us that things will not work out and therefore, we aren’t safe. But, the voice of our ego does not speak the Truth. When we listen instead to the Knower within, we stand in faith. In our faith, we are anchored in peace, well-being and our own power.

Now more than ever, we are being called to be anchored in Spirit and to bring the qualities of Love and Oneness and Good into our thinking and into the world.

Join us Sunday for a prayer chamber focused on the election this coming Tuesday, some tools to stay anchored in the midst of chaos, a talk titled, “Caught in the Weeds?” and the wonderful music of Harold Paine. I look forward to seeing you and anchoring into Truth together.

In love,
Rev. Jennifer

White Stones


Today I commune with the I AM Presence within me. Here, I discover Peace, Wholeness, and a deep sense of security and well-being. I magnify my faith, knowing that the Love-Intelligence of the Universe is active here and now, throughout this country and the upcoming election. I remember that God is truly the only Power there is.

And so it is.