Bridges not Walls

At our deepest level, we all want to live in a world of peace and unity. However, there are times when our fears erect a wall between us and those who are different from us, or those who hold different opinions. It is only as we embrace the diversity of humanity, that we bring love to the scene and truly know peace, unity and freedom.

Join us Sunday for the delightful music of Rick Dale, a talk titled Bridges not Walls and some new ideas and inspiration to support you in creating a world of peace and love. I look forward to sharing my Sunday with you and seeing you there.

In love,
Rev. Jennifer Spear

Bridges not Walls


Today I open my eyes and my heart to embrace those
around me—those who are similar and those who are
different than me. I know that we are each valuable
to the fabric of life and the oneness of humanity.
In my love and inclusion I bring healing wherever I go.

And so it is.