A Different Kind of Nest Egg

As human beings we all have a deep need to rest assured that our needs will be met, that our heart’s desires will come to fruition and that our lives will be filled with the things that bring up happiness. We want to live in the flow of abundance, health and love.

However, when we fret and worry we block the flow of Good in our lives. The abundance that we experience directly corresponds with our beliefs and our openness to receive. When we are grounded in the awareness that we live in a Presence of Infinite Good that expresses everywhere, all of the time, and that Its very nature is to express within our lives, we can relax and trust and move into a place of plenty.


Today I remember that it is not time to worry yet.
I trust that God is for me; therefore nothing can be against me.

I walk in full confidence that my good is seeking me now
and my every need is met in time and on time.

 And so it is.