Long list of healing wordsCenters for Spiritual Living teaches a New Thought philosophy that incorporates affirmative prayer, meditation, healing, visioning, and other spiritual tools to help you lead a spiritual life, think positively, and love deeply. As a member of our community, you’ll find the spiritual tools to transform your personal life and make the world a more peaceful, harmonious, and prosperous place.

  • We believe that God is not an external personality, but a Presence that resides in all things.
  • We believe that all people are equal within this Presence, recognizing that the love of Spirit is unconditional and non-judgmental.
  • We believe in the universal law of cause and effect, therefore we experience the consequences of our actions, not as a reward or punishment, but as a natural result of those actions.
  • We believe that our thoughts and beliefs create our experience and that by changing our minds we truly change our lives.
  • We believe in the power of prayer, not as a petition or supplication, but as an alignment with the power and presence of God that always says, “Yes” to that which we have the consciousness or belief to accept.
  • We emphasize and believe God to be a Universal Power for good that we can use to live peaceful, productive and creative lives. We believe that all of life is sacred, eternal and divinely guided.
  • We believe that ultimately each spiritual path leads to the same realization of union with God.


Our Mission

We are a sanctuary where people can discover and reveal the presence of God within their own being and experience their oneness with all life. Through the realization of this Inner Presence of Love and Peace, we give way to the evolutionary impulse of the Divine and become a beneficial presence in the world.


Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What is the Science of Mind belief about Jesus?
Answer: We recognize his example and teachings. We do not deny the divinity of Jesus, but rather we affirm the divinity of all people because God is the Creator of us all. We think of Jesus as an example, not an exception.

Question: Does Science of Mind believe Jesus is our Savior?
Answer: Any world teacher who helps humankind to be free from material, intellectual, or emotional bondage is a spiritual “savior.” Jesus showed us a way to be free, perhaps the most effective way ever known, and it can indeed release humankind from bondage.

Question: What does Science of Mind believe about the Bible?
Answer: It is one among many sacred scriptures, all of which were inspired by the One Mind and presented through various spiritual teachers. We believe that for Western people, the Judeo-Christian scriptures can offer a useful path to spiritual freedom. And, we also find truth in many of the world’s sacred texts.

Question: What does Science of Mind believe about God?
Answer: God is that transcendent Presence that permeates all things: the Origin of all; the Sustainer of all; the Truth of all that is; Presence and Principle; Love and Law; Life Itself; and the Substance of all form. This is in part, our concept of God, but no person can fully explain what God is since God is infinite .

Question: Does Science of Mind believe in Eternal Damnation?
Answer: No, we do not. God does not create life and then destroy or condemn it. As free individuals we may bring great difficulties upon ourselves, but that is as near as we come to so-called damnation. Then it is God, as perfect Law, Love, and Truth, to whom we may turn for release from these difficulties. The choice is always ours.

Question: Does Science of Mind believe in Hell?
Heaven and Hell are states of mind, and neither is a literal geographical place. Modern science has demonstrated that there is no actual “up” or “down” in this universe where heaven or hell might be. Both are in our minds.