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Spiritual Journey

Taking classes at Living Beyond Limits is a powerful and transformative experience.  Not only do the students learn tools for successful living, they learn to let go of attitudes that do not serve them and apply their new realizations to their lives in a way that makes life more joy-filled.  In addition students gain a greater realization of Spirit in their lives and as the foundation of everything.  As a part of our classes the students create a final project that represents their growth and transformation that occurred during the class.  Here is a poem that one of our students, Pat Scott, wrote as her final project in our Foundations Class.  Enjoy!

Spiritual Journey

I walk with all the power that I ever need
I walk with eyes looking to the sun.
I walk looking into the face of my fellow man.
I walk knowing we are all one.
I sense a greater presence in the world,
transcending physical bounds.
I sense and tap into the vein of life
where glorious love abounds.
I see beyond that which I’ve ever seen
to that which lies within.
I see the world from a whole new angle
that makes me think again.
And as I walk, and sense, and see
and travel on my path.
I realize what a spectacular journey this is
and all the blessings I have.
And every day as I wake and rise
I’ll take with me on my way
the blessings and knowledge I learned
at God’s right side
and use them every day
to enrich the world around me,
as well as the world within
because it is truly in giving away your best
that eventually you’ll win.
But win or lose won’t matter
because this is not some game.
we exist for the purpose of the soul
and to it, it’s all the same.
But life is so much richer now
as I begin to grow
and the more I’m taught and learn about life
the more I want to know.
So it’s with great joy I travel now,
great joy I hold on tight.
I know my heart is in the right place
and watch my soul take flight
above the clouds where Spirit lives
I soar with renewed purpose
to see the world from inside out
rather than from on the surface.
So it’s with gratitude I live my day,
with Grace I’ll make my way
I’ve found my God inside myself
and this is where she’ll stay.

Patricia Scott
July, 2012

In Love,
Rev. Jennifer

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